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self improvement

This is simply improving the formulas you're using that don't seem to work.


One of the greatest challenges that you have signed up for. Learn how to be greater than the challenge.


Relationships require patience to grow. Learn how to steer yours in the right direction.


Not the spiritual type? Learn why that may be and why you may be doing it wrong.


"I have aged 8 years since I started training with Jay, but I feel strong and resilient. I am meeting my goals. What more can you ask of your personal trainer?"

Sherri K.
Founder & CEO

"My husband and I have been training with Jay for several years. The words that best describe Jay are; committed, integrity, knowledgeable, professional, active listener, and personable. Jay’s commitment is exhibited by his behavior."

Amy S.
Founder & CEO

"Professional coaching with Jay helped me change my behaviors so that I could live a stronger life. Thank you so much!"

Rosa M.
Founder & CEO

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